Party Recap

The shower came together beautifully. Luana and our planning meshed seamlessly. The theme was twinkle Little Star but we made the theme more feminine and glamourous adding rose gold, pink and glitter accents. The guests were able to decorate blank onesies and bibs for the mommy to be which she loved and needed! There was also a diaper raffle which was sent with the invitation but raffle tickets were left on the table on case people brought diapers. Some of the fun games were the baby shower emoji pictionary and what's in your phone. It made an outdated game fun again and a new game that matches this era. Guest were also able to use a customized Snapchat lens made specifically for the shower! All in all it was a sophisticated and refined event but guests still we're able to have fun and get their hands dirty!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Fruit and vegetable platter, Chicken, veggie, and tuna wraps, Baked ziti, Fried chicken

  • What People Drank

    Non alcoholic fresh squeezed watermelon cooler, Strawberry-lime sangria, Mimosas

  • Desserts

    Marshmallowed candied apples, Chocolate covered Oreos, Strawberry cake pops, Vanilla cake, Strawberry cupcakes, Chocolate covered pretzel sticks

  • Party Favors

    Star shaped soap in star shaped candle holders, Candles, Centerpieces

  • Activities / Games

    Decorating bibs and onesies, Baby shower emoji pictionary, What's in your phone, Find the guest, Who knows mommy best, Diaper raffle Snapchat filter/lens


Party Helpers

  • Luana

    Photographer, party planner

    Luana took our idea and executed it beautifully. She covered the dessert table, party favors and the photography! She is the best!

  • Andrea's Daughters

    Party Planner


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