Party Recap

My son is completely obsessed with Super Mario Bros, so I decided to recreate the game in real life. I made the invitations so the 1UP mushroom would pop up when you pulled the tab.

I used yellow plastic plates, hot glue and fishing line to make a coin garland and for the Pick-a-Coin game; yellow and maroon wrapping paper to make coin and bricks blocks out of cardboard boxes; and balloons and white labels for chomps and piranha plants were made from balloons, white labels and mailing tubes.

The backdrop was made from blue fabric with paper cut-outs.

For the snacks and treats table, I painted round boxes to look like the pipes in the game. I also wrapped juice boxes in maroon paper and stacked them to look like brick blocks and made mini coin blocks with card stock. I made piranha plant pops out of fondant, cherry lollipops and brownie bites.

Activity-wise, the kids played Musical Coin and Brick Blocks using the Mario theme song, Chomp Bop with the balloons, and Pick-a-Coin (prizes were inside each coin, which were made from plastic plates).

More pictures at: http://wp.me/p1KmZi-BF


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    cake and cake pops

  • Activities / Games

    Chomp Bop, Musical Coin Blocks, Pass the Power-Ups

  • Party Favors

    stenciled Mario bags, Mario notebooks, stickers and figurines.

  • What People Ate

    popcorn, chips,

  • What People Drank

    italian soda

  • Funniest Moment

    Musical Coin Blocks -- the remaining two players



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    Melissa I wrote:

    How u made the question mark box

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    Ellen H wrote:

    I just wrapped a box with yellow wrapping paper and cut out question marks to glue on. Super easy.