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  • Desserts

    Dessert table

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  • Activities / Games

    Baby shower games

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  • What People Drank

    coffe, pop, juice, water


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Carla R wrote:

    This is very cute. Can you tell me where you found the frame?

  • Jodie V

    Jodie V wrote:

    I bought them at Michaels. I'm pretty certain that they still sell them.

  • Rachel C

    Rachel C wrote:

    Id like to order these tags asap .msginmiami@yahoo.com Mm

  • Jodie V

    Jodie V wrote:

    Rachel C... I sent you an email. If you don't receive it please email me at partynv@comcast.net - Thanks!

  • no photo

    Donna S wrote:

    How did you make the tree in the center?

  • Jodie {Party Nv} V

    Jodie {Party Nv} V wrote:

    Donna S.... I used a 4x4 post as the trunk and secured it to a wooden base. I them wrapped it with large sheets of craft paper to form the look of a trunk. For the branches I used metal coat hangers and covered them with craft paper. I then drilled holes in the top of the trunk and glued the branches in. I found some green silky fabric in the clearance section of our local JoAnn Fabrics and cut it into various strips that I tied on and let dangle, similar to a willow tree. Hope that helps!

  • Amber W

    Amber W wrote:

    Hi there! Everything looks beautiful! I am planning my sisters baby shower & we are doing the classic pooh theme as well. I would like to know where you got the pages for the "storybook pages"? I am looking to do something similar & found the picture frames but am having a hard time finding the classic pooh quote pages for them. Thanks!

  • no photo

    Lori T wrote:

    How do you make these?!

  • Jodie {Party Nv} V

    Jodie {Party Nv} V wrote:

    Amber W... I designed those for the table. If you want to email me (partynv@comcast.net) we can work something out :)

  • Jodie {Party Nv} V

    Jodie {Party Nv} V wrote:

    Lori T... I made a regular pop and set it upside down onto a candy melt to create the flat top/edge of the honey pot. Then after they were dry I drizzled some yellow chocolate on top to look like honey. Then I used an edible marker to write HUNNY on the side. I hope that helps :)

  • no photo

    Monica T wrote:

    Hi where can I purchase and what did you use for the bumble bees to stand? Thanks Monica

  • Jodie {Party Nv} V

    Jodie {Party Nv} V wrote:

    Hi Monica... What are you looking to purchase? For the bumble bees, I used a craft wire that was wound around a sucker stick that was inserted into the cupcakes.