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40th Birthday party, "Stepping Into Forty"

Melissa F By Melissa F  in Birthday


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  • Monique  L

    Monique L wrote:

    Very nice!

  • Shantiea D

    Shantiea D wrote:

    Love it!

  • Melissa F

    Melissa F wrote:

    Thank you!!

  • Rosario Z

    Rosario Z wrote:

    Great Idea...Love it

  • no photo

    Marcia C wrote:

    This is such a great Idea!!!! Where did you get your ideas from?

  • Melissa F

    Melissa F wrote:

    Thanks! The birthday girl loves shoes, wine and instagram..the rest are also some of her favorite things :)

  • Mike E

    Mike E wrote:

    so beautiful how you stepping into 40th at your age.. thank for inspiring me....

  • no photo

    Marti M wrote:

    Where did you find the shoe in the picture?

  • Nia S

    Nia S wrote:

    I really would like to try this!!

  • no photo

    Sterlena B wrote:

    Will love to use this idea for my best friend 40th party next weekend. Where would be best place to get the wine and other materials

  • Melissa F

    Melissa F wrote:

    Sorry for the late reply! I bought the wine at my local wine store. The other items are from different places. Can you be more specific?

  • no photo

    Felicia C wrote:

    I would like to use this theme for my party because I am shoe lover and I would like to know where to get the shoes and the other party favorites. I am having my party on August 22 and time is important, so I would like to start ordering now. I want it to be back on time for the party.

  • Melissa F

    Melissa F wrote:

    I Honestly don't remember where I bought the wine holder pink shoe, it could have been T J Maxx or a gift shop. The other shoe I found in a flower shop. Wine bottles from a local liquor store. I purchased other items locally and used some I had. The rest of the items I simply put together myself. Good luck

  • no photo

    Anna G wrote:

    where can we get these mini wine bottles?

  • Melissa F

    Melissa F wrote:

    Your local liquor story :). I did

  • no photo

    Chosenone76 wrote:

    I love this theme! What do you have the pics attached to?

  • Stephanie W

    Stephanie W wrote:

    Did you get the other materials from Michaels or hobby lobby?? Thanks

  • no photo

    Rae Shawn F wrote:

    Do you have a picture of the label on the bottle?

  • Deanene T

    Deanene T wrote:

    Hi wondering where did you get the labels for your wine bottles from