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Hernan's Star Wars 6th Birthday

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Party Recap

May the Force be with this 6th Birthday party!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Chocolate Star Wars cake

  • Party Favors

    Chevron Star Wars goodie bags and water bottles

  • Activities / Games

    STAR WARS JEDI ACADEMY Make an R2D2 Photo frame (15 mins) Upon arrival each child can join the craft table and decorate their own R2D2 photo frame. (It'll be even more special if you can send each child home with a printed picture of themselves with the birthday boy/girl too). Note: CHF1 extra per photo frame. Escape from the Death Star - Obstacle Course (15 mins) An obstacle course would be set up for children to follow. They will be in teams of 5 children (4 teams). This is a very competitive game. Don’t Let the Storm Trooper Drop (15 mins) Similar to an egg and spoon race, but the storm trooper is a marshmallow. Yoda’s Ring-Cookie Jump (15 mins) Ring shaped cookies are placed on a rope. The children have to take turns trying to jump to get the cookies with the teeth, but their hands are kept behind their back. Pass the Parcel (15 mins) Children pass a parcel around a circle and when the music stops the child holding the parcel can open it and get their prize. Princess Leia’s Chocolate Game (15 mins) Children sit in a circle and roll the dice. If they get two 6’s, they have to put on the google and gloves and attempt to eat the giant chocolate bar with a knife and fork, until the next person also gets two 6’s. Complete Light Saber Training (15 mins) Children battle it out with one another, using pool-noodle light sabers and white balloons (with Storm Trooper faces). Fight in the Jedi Bubble Wars (15 mins) Children get to play with lightsaber-shaped bubble wands and attack the bubbles. Musical Statues & Dance-a-thon (30 mins) Children dance and when the music stops they need to be still. If they move, they are out. The last child standing gets a prize. Plus lots of dancing where they have to copy the entertainers and do dance moves. Darth Vader Piñata (15 mins) Children can have fun attacking the Darth Vader piñata (or another character) with a DIY piñata stick wrapped to look like (you guessed it) a light saber! Hunt for the Darth Vader Candle (15 mins) Final mission of the party. Get all the children together and tell them that the Darth Vader candle had been stolen. Their mission is to then go on a treasure hunt and find the missing candle.


Party Helpers

  • Tala from Perfect Packages |

    Party stationery designer and event styling and entertainment


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