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Party Recap

When my daughter, Audrey, turned 9, we had a fabulous "spa"rty complete with facials, make your own bath salts and spa shoes and even a dip in the pool thanks to the California weather. For lunch, the girls dined on "spa"wiches, curlers, pumpkin peel fruit salad, "spa"rfaits, seaweed wraps and drank from the milk bath. Then "treat"ments included bit of honey masks, cotton ball donuts, cucumber eye pad gummies, nail files, lipsticks, body scrub rock candy and bubble bath gum balls. Our guests left with personalized make-up bags. Just another relaxing day at the spa for our nine year old. I was so pleased and honored when this party was featured on Amy Atlas. Visit my etsy story:


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    candy bar- including, bit of honey facials, nail files, cotton balls, powdered puffs, and cucumber eye pads

  • Activities / Games

    making bath salts and spa shoes, hot tub and facials

  • Party Favors

    personalized make-up bags

  • What People Ate

    curlers, pumpkin peel fruit salad, seaweed wraps, sparfaits, spawiches

  • What People Drank

    milk baths


Party Helpers



  • Natalie J

    Natalie J wrote:

    Hi Bloom! I'm very impressed with your work. Please call me at 310.598.8712.~Natalie

  • Missy M

    Missy M wrote:

    sooo cute love your ideas!

  • Damita

    Damita wrote:

    You did a wonderful job! I would like to ask how did you incorporate the clipART on your water bottles and framed signs? BEAUTIFUL PARTY!!!

  • no photo

    Nicole M wrote:

    Where did you get these labels and banners?

  • Dana D

    Dana D wrote:

    What did the invitations look like? This was amazing. I am using your party for inspiration on my daughter's 7th birthday. Thanks so much!

  • Dana D

    Dana D wrote:

    Where did you get the template for the water bottle labels?

  • Bloom Designs

    Bloom Designs wrote:

    The printables are available in my etsy store

  • Damita

    Damita wrote:

    This party was very beautifully done!!!!

  • Melissa V

    Melissa V wrote:

    i love your idea, this looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!

  • Sarah H

    Sarah H wrote:

    a few questions about the bath salts: what recipe did you use, and how did you like it? did you use regular food coloring or something different? did you use any kind of scented oils or something to make them smell good? if so, what did you use and where did you find it? thank you!

  • no photo

    Aquilla J wrote:

    Wonderful set up ....