Party Recap

My daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark, so it was a no brainer on the theme. She likes the Super Simple Songs baby shark version so I used a mixture of that baby shark and underwater themes. I transformed our 3 car garage into an underwater play area and place for the kids to eat and play games. I always start my parties with the entrance to our house and every area is decorated for a full experience. There is a mixture of DYI items like the card box, the food label stands, the bar sign and the big TWO on the mantle, etsy purchases and retail/Amazon purchases. I also have gift bags that are unique and filled with themed items for the kids like shark fins, squirt guns, stuffed animal fish, shark tattoos and custom tumblers with their names on them. I want the adults to get into the action as well, so I had shark fins for them. Another thing I do is theme my food for almost all my parties and the decor for my food table always includes a backdrop so you can't see the backside of my kitchen as well. I bought the jelly fish from etsy and the skirt from Amazon and found the shells and iridescent rocks at the dollar store. I made the food labels and the shark bowl. It's important to have different heights when displaying your food, so I use the large glass square votive holders to add height to my platters. The dessert table is something I pay special attention to because it tends to be photographed a lot when singing happy birthday. I ALWAYS have a photobooth for all my parties and I use an app called miniphotobooth on my ipad that allows me to create the custom border and you can send it to your email, fb or text right after the picture is taken. There is an option to print as well and i have a Canon Selphy printer that prints great quality pictures right there! Finally, I never forget the adults and always have adult beverages on hand as well as make the bar area the kids drink station as well.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    themed food. Crabby Sandwiches (croissant with choice of ham, turkey or roast beef), shell pasta (homemade shell mac n Cheese), Octopus Dip (homemade ranch dip with veggies), Gold Fish crackers, Shark Bait (Fruit Salad), Whale Snacks (shrimp with cocktail sauce) and PB & Jellyfish (PB&Jelly sandwiches).

  • What People Drank

    Ocean Water (Berry Blue Hi-C with equal parts 7up mixed) and don't forget the ice cube shaped fish floating. I also had milk, juice boxes and flavored sparkling water for the kids. For the adults I had a full self serve bar, wine and beer. I also noted on the sign that you could have Dirty Ocean Water (add Rum to the Ocean Water mix). The kids had sea urchin cups with straws to drink out of.

  • Desserts

    baby shark cake. I just had the bakery make a 2 layer cake (top choc with cream filling, bottom was white with raspberry filling) and frosted it. I added the hot pink coral and I ordered the fondant pieces from etsy and added those myself. I finished it by crumbling up graham crackers to make the sand along the bottom. Sugar sea animal cookies, blue jello with Swedish fish floating, topped with cool whip. I also put a fish bowl out of Swedish Fish.

  • Party Favors

    Shark tote bags filled with shark fins you could wear, stuffed animal tropical fish, bubble guns, sea animal tattoos, wind up crab, Octopus stress toy and acrylic tumbler with a custom baby shark insert with their name on it. Adults received shark fins they could wear as well.

  • Activities / Games

    Pin the tail on Sophia Shark as the organized game and then there was a feed the shark fish toss and catch the starfish toss game they could play at any time.


Party Helpers

  • Sharon Horta - QueensGemStones on etsy

    graphic artist

    Sharon created the artwork for the invites, the welcome sign, the stats poster, the custom tumbler inserts and the thank you cards!


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