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Shipwrecks & Swashbucklers Party

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Party Recap


Aharr! Avast! Tis time to board your ship matey’s and set sail in search of treasure!

And wow were our teams who set sail on ‘The Jolly Roger’, ‘The Revenge’ and ‘The Black Pearl’ fired up to win our pirate gems on offer as prizes for winning each of our planned games and activities!

After a morning tea banquet designed to fill the belly of the hungriest pirates – we quickly boarded our ships led by 3 able bodied ‘captain captains’ and set off on a number of pirate adventures. First we went in search of our pirate maps which had been completely destroyed in a previous high seas adventure – and so it was up to our clever pirates to find the missing pieces of their treasure maps and put them back together in order to win our first pirate gem of the day.

Then the captains gathered their teams and set about building their own pirate ships – which they later raced for a chance to win another pirate gem.

From there we dodged pirate sacks filled with treasure, took out pirate ships with friendly cannonball fire and walked the plank before setting off again in pursuit of the missing pirate gems from our real-life sized treasure chest! I particularly love this game as any team can still win our grand prizes by this stage


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Morning tea - selection of cupcakes, biscuits, lollies, muffins and savoury treats

  • What People Drank

    Selection of fruit juice

  • Activities / Games

    Variety of pirate inspired games such as pirate ship building and pirate ship races, walking the plank, searching for lost treasure maps and finding pirate gems.


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