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Shelby's Bar Mitzvah

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Party Recap

The theme of the Bar Mitzvah was inspired by the 7 species in the Torah, which include pomegranates, dates, figs, barley, wheat, grapes, and olives. We were also inspired by Shelby's Torah portion, and used a quote to illustrate his invitation. Colors and centerpieces were all designed around these items, with our florist using figs, wheat, pomegranates, etc., as well as roses. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony was during the morning, followed by a luncheon at the synagogue. The party was actually held that night, at the Skirball Cultural Center. The museum remained open exclusively for our guests during the cocktail hour. We'd also arranged for a vendor to have Rock Band playing for the kids in a separate room. The kids and adults were served separate appetizers, and then everyone was ushered into the main outdoor courtyard for dinner and dancing. There was a sit-down dinner for the adults, and a buffet for the kids. We also had an espresso/coffee bar set up, with flavored syrups and hot chocolate for the kids . . . and then there was a dessert buffet for everyone. The adult tables included two long banquet-style tables that seated about 14 guests each, and then several smaller, round tables. We had our family at one banquet style table and several other families (with small children) at the other long table. Lanterns hung from canvas umbrellas, candles were on the tables . . . the whole space was magical. The whole event was a beautiful experience for us and our families.


Party Helpers

  • Carol Rosen

    Party Planner

    Carol was wonderful! She worked within our budget and provided contacts for the DJ, florist and vendors. She was there every step of the way for us -- and had the best taste of anyone I've ever met! She's also incredibly diplomatic, patient, kind and funny! We loved her.

  • Scott Topper Productions


  • Giedra


  • Michele Lally


    Michele handpainted each invitation, which was folded in triplicate. Each invitation had two watercolor paintings: one on the front, and a smaller image inside. She painted the same images on the place cards as well. In the end, each invitation became a unique piece of art.


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