Party Recap

First birthdays are special for many reasons, both in the life of the child and that of the parents! It is a Korean tradition to celebrate the first birthday in grand fashion.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Juliet greeted her guests wearing an adorable party dress and party hat by Mudpie. The colors, polka dots, stripes, ribbons, and pink tulle were perfect for the occasion. Turquois blue shoes completed her outfit.

  • Desserts

    Cake, cookies, mini-chocolates with matching party wrappers, gummy bears, peanut butter filled mochi, black sesame mochi, green tea pocky sticks

  • Activities / Games

    Toys, coloring pages, and sketch paper were available for the children's activities. The adults were treated to getting to know more about Juliet's story and how she had grown over the past year. Developmental update signs were displayed and detailed Juliet's accomplishments and interests!

  • What People Ate

    Asian Fusion cuisine and cultural favorites: Korean kimbop, Wasabi snow peas, Cosi finger sandwiches, Korean shrimp chips, fruit, and cereal for the children.

  • What People Drank

    Pink lemonade, Pop Champagne, Bottled water with personalized Shabby Chic styled party labels

  • Cake Smash

    Birthday banners, balloons, and bears set the stage for the cake smash area. Juliet's high chair was adorned with a pink tutu skirt, befitting the birthday girl!

  • Korean Doljabi Ceremony

    The birthday child is presented several items, all of which represent something for his/her future. Whichever object that child picks up first is supposed to predict their future interests. Guests get involved by writing their name on a card and placing it by the item they think the child will select. Juliet had a choice of Money (Wealth), String (Long life), Pencil (Scholar), Calculator (Financier like dad), Shoes (Fashionista like mom) and Psy (Entertainer). A career in finance might await this birthday girl as she selected the crystal calculator.

  • Guest Book

    The guest book, which was Juliet's story in pictures, was created using favorite photographs of Juliet with additional pages available for guests to write a personal note of birthday wishes for her. Just looking through the book was an opportunity to see how she had grown!


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