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    Angela W wrote:

    Is there somewhere I can get these too???

  • Jasmin L

    Jasmin L wrote:

    Hi Angela! We actually made them ourselves..it was just an idea at the top of my head..its actually really simple. If you want to know how to make em just let me know :)

  • Christine A

    Christine A wrote:

    love it - love it - love it

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    Kara N wrote:

    I would love to know how you do these!! Please

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    Jenna C wrote:

    I would like to know how to make these please..

  • Isabel G

    Isabel G wrote:

    super Cute! ^_^ Great party!

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    Paty R wrote:

    I was wondering how you made this??

  • Jasmin L

    Jasmin L wrote:

    @paty R-It was fairly simple. We just used card stock, stick labels, cellophane bags, and pre cut mickey images. Feel free to email me for more information. :)

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    Danielle K wrote:

    Hi Jasmin, I'm new to this website. I would like to know how to make these for my daughters bday

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    Jackie V wrote:

    could you email me with the instructions please.

  • Anastasia D

    Anastasia D wrote:

    Looks like a great party! Your son is a cutie!

  • Cynthia D

    Cynthia D wrote:

    Wonderful party! Thanks for sharing!