Party Recap

The theme was inspired by the parent's love for the TV show Game of Thrones, dragons and dungeons, princesses and Middle Ages [might I clarify that the birthday girl was in no way exposed to this TV show =) ]. Because the birthday girl was born in the Year of the Dragon and they found the perfect place (Games and Thrones in Burbank, CA) to celebrate the party, it was just fitting to make this theme possible! Serena's mommy and daddy planned this whole event and hired me to cater french macarons and Serena's custom cake.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Eggrolls (lumpia), chicken wings, sliders and pizza

  • Desserts

    French macarons and cake that were catered by (Sweet Situation) and donuts!

  • Activities / Games

    The party site has an arcade with more than enough games so the guests were well entertained!


Party Helpers

  • Mommy and Daddy

    Event Planners and Party Hosts

  • Games & Thrones

    Restaurant and Arcade


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