Party Recap

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Ice cream and toppings and candies to choose among, that what’s good times taste like.

This ice-cream sundae baby shower was so much fun to pull together for my friend Caitlin last fall. Since it was her second babe, she wanted a small, low key affair, which turned into an ice cream and movie night. Decorations were basically confined to the sundae bar itself, making for really easy set up.

I printed out ice cream scoops with girly phrases and propped them inside sugar cones. Sprinkle-covered cone wraps were cute and helped stabilize the cones from falling over since they were pretty light without actual ice cream. Pincushion cupcakes (reused from a supper club) helped push the sweets to the extreme.

And the rest was very self-explanatory: Scoop it, Sprinkle it, Candy it, Top it. The directions were simple cone designs I propped in upside down cones. All in all a really sweet night honoring this amazing mom and her (now born) wonderful daughter.


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