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When you step into Saylor’s playroom, you'll notice quite a few Peppa Pig toys! She is obsessed with this British show! So of course she wanted a Peppa Pig Birthday Party this year to turn 3! So here’s the details!

Peppa Pig Birthday Party A Host of Things

Now, I’ve been told that my grandparents used to stay up really late making each of their four kids’ cakes. My dad and my aunt and uncles were always really surprised at what they came up with and my dad has mentioned this memory as an adult. Having heard that, I like to try to make Saylor’s birthdays memorable…but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Most of the things I’ve found are on sale, at the Dollar Store or clearance items.

So let’s start with the cake! Cake decorating is a skill I’m still working on but for the most part I was pleased and Saylor really loved it!

This is what I did to make this cake…

1.Used a Wilton Doll Dress Cake Dress Form
2.Shaved off the top a bit and rounded it to look like Peppa’s Hill
3.Bought Wilton Ready-Rolled Fondant which is amazing! It comes similar to a rolled out pie crust…you just flop it over your cake! Stretch and press, stretch and press all the way around and it will be smooth!
4.Then I sprayed it with green Color Mist food dye rather than kneading it into the fondant.
5.The color was a bit bright and I really wanted texture so I decided to cover the entire cake in green sprinkles which stuck to the food dye.
6.Then I added her Peppa Pig toys to the top and made a paper house! Easy Peasy! This saved a lot of time! I didn’t have to make each character out of food and candy…so if your kid wants a character cake, totally make a good looking base or atmosphere and plop those toys on top! Done!

Then I made some details!

Rainy Clouds, Tulip Boot Vases, Pig Noses, Goldie Pond Crackers…
Saylor invited her friends to the Crayola Experience…so that’s where we shared all these treats with everyone!

And we even did a pin-the-tail on Peppa game and I gave each kid a Peppa Pig puzzle which I got at the Dollar Store.

So yay for another successful birthday! Check out my blog A Host of Things for DIYs and inspiration all year long!


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    Pin The Tail on Peppa Pig


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