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A Summer Camp 5th Birthday Adventure

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Party Recap

This past weekend we celebrated Sawyer’s 5th birthday with a Summer Camp themed celebration. It was an absolute blast! The theme lent itself so well to so many age appropriate games, activities and foods for the little campers.

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S'mores cake and cookies by the amazing: Bella Christie and Lil Z Sweet Boutique

Giant thank you to my amazing and talented friend, Jen of Rose Photography

All party decor, design and planning by, yours truly! :-)
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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    From the very beginning of thinking about this party theme we knew we wanted to have s’mores. But I just wasn’t sure about 13 young children roasting marshmallows in the middle of the afternoon. So we decided to get really creative with Sawyer’s birthday cake and make it a s’mores cake. Bella Christie and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique knocked it out of the park, once again! They are absolutely incredible! They have made so many cakes for me over the years, like Easton’s Farmers Market cake, Sawyer’s dinosaur cake, and more recently my mom’s retirement party book cake. They have all been simply amazing…and so very delicious! Bella Christie also made custom cookies for the party. I sent them the designs that I made for the merit badges and they matched them perfectly! We kept the rest of the food really simple…but also fun! We had a DIY Trail Mix Bar with mini marshmallows, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, M&Ms and raisins. I also gave some of the foods creative names like Rice Krispie rafts, firewood pretzel rods, archery arrows fruit kabobs. The bug juice was also a big hit!

  • Party Favors

    Sawyer sent all of his camper buddies home with even more “sur-five-al” essentials for their next adventures!

  • Activities / Games

    What would summer camp be without merit badges?! I designed and created merit badges as a way that the kids could do all the different activities and games to work towards earning the badges. The camp itinerary started as sort of a joke but it ended up being the perfect way of adding a bit of structure to the party. First, all of the campers worked on earning their Nature Study merit badge. The first activity was a nature scavenger hunt. Then we played a nature mystery box game and ended with a “Don’t Feed and Bears” game. For this game I put bear faces on a bunch of balloons and spread a bunch of plastic play food on a picnic blanket. Then all of the campers got a pool noodle and had to keep tapping the balloons to keep them from landing on a food…so the bears couldn’t get any of the food. This one was a hit (no pun intended)! Next, all of the campers worked on earning their Arts and Crafts merit badge. This one involved painting a birdhouse or wooden snake. The Bug Study merit badge was next. First we did a bug toss game with large toy bugs and butterfly nets. Then all the campers did a bug spray game. They were each given a can of silly string “bug spray” and they had to spray as many toy plastic bugs as they could. This game was so much fun!! The kids loved it! It was a definite favorite. For a break in the action, earning the Best Buddy badge was next. This one involved singing Happy Birthday, eating cake and all the other goodies, story time with the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and helping Sawyer open his gifts. The final badge of the party was Water Sports. The campers had a lot of fun with the water squirters on a string game and water balloon toss.


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