Party Recap

This Superhero girl party was super success! It was an adventure to save the jewels from the cat robber Cat Woman and return them to the city! They went through a series of games to test their abilities and find more clues to where the jewels were hidden! Then we had dinner, cake and presents. It was a fun evening.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Themed food: Kryptonite (jello), Batgirl batarangs (mini calzones), Katana's sword (mikado), Harley's hammer (pretzles w cheese), Jewel sandwiches, Wonder woman's shield (babybel cheeses) and much more!

  • What People Drank

    Personalized water bottles and themed pop

  • Desserts

    Super hero cake (shaped to look like tall buildings with heros on them), comic bubble cookies, and Dynamite (red licorice).

  • Party Favors

    Themed candy, cape, wrist bands, mask, ring pop, favor bag and a thank you note

  • Activities / Games

    The invitation had a booklet to fill out where each girl could choose their superhero name, their superhero color and symbol, and lots of other fun details. I used these details to choose the supplies for them to make their own capes, masks and wrist bands when they arrived. After they finished their gear, I told them that a villan had stolen the jewels and we needed a superhero to find them! They went through a series of games/tests to prove to the villain that they were a worthy opponent and to find the jewels (there was a new clue at each game). They played games like knock down the cans with a shield, the balloon muscle game, a laser maze, pin the gear on the superhero, capture the superhero and more. The last clue led them straight to a bomb (a pinata bomb)! They had to dismantle the bomb with their superhero powers. Inside there were lots of themed treats and the last clue that led them to the hidden jewels (ring pops). They had a blast!


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