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Savannah's Eloise at the Plaza 6th Birthday Party

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Party Recap

My daughter couldn't wait to turn 6, just like Eloise. Eloise lives in a hotel of course, so what better place to hold her 6th birthday bash! We also rented the Presidential suite on the "tippy top floor", for her to get ready in, and later have a sleepover, with 8 of her closest friends. I think her favorite moment of the day, was riding around the hotel, on the luggage carts, with her sleepover friends. :)


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    How can you pick just one?!? They all looked adorable!

  • Desserts

    The cake was a 4 tiered white cake with lemon filling, and fondant, made by Chef April at CJ Callaways, here in Sioux Falls. Believe me, it tasted as good as it looked...and I am not really a cake lover. It was fantastic! The cupcakes, I made myself, were lemon cake with pink bubblegum icing...a birthday favorite in our house. The kids could choose between cake or cupcakes.

  • Activities / Games

    I am a big fan of "Stations" when having a large children's party. We had a "Hotel Spa", where they could have their nails done-including nail art at the "Nail Salon", a "Make up/Perfume" station with lots of glittery eye make up and lip glosses (each child got to pick and take home their lip gloss. We don't want anyone to catch a cold.). There was also a "Hair Salon", complete with a crimping iron, waving iron, curling iron, tons of different flowers for their hair, and of course...glittery hair spray!!

  • Budget

    Hmm...Maybe $1500? I honestly, didn't keep track.

  • Party Favors

    The "Hotel emergency kits", contained Strawberry Champagne lotion, a twin pack of nail polish, an adorable pink sleep mask, and candy jewelry. (All items that were found in the dollar section at Target.)

  • Best Moment

    Honestly, it was after the party, when my son was pushing my daughter "Eloise" on the luggage rack, all over the hotel. She was SO excited to finally do that, just like the real Eloise!!

  • What People Ate

    The "Tea Party" plates consisted of two tea sandwiches. One meat and cheese, and one soynut butter and jelly. (I didn't want to take any chances with possible allergies.) They also had fresh fruit kabobs and mini brownies. In the back of the room, we had coffee, ice tea, lemonade, an assortment of crackers, meats, and cheeses-for the adults. We also had a "treats table, with cotton candy, m-n-m's, sixlettes, Kisses, Chex mix and chips.

  • What People Drank

    Lemonade, coffee, ice tea, and water

  • Most Touching Moment

    My daughter is TRULY appreciative of someone giving her a gift. She opened each gift with such enthusiasm, wanted to read each and every card, and personally thank each of her friends after opening their gift. (This really made gift opening LONG...but she was so geniune, I didn't want to tell her she needed to hurry it up. 40 kids, is a lot of gifts to open. Lol. We were there forever.)

  • Funniest Moment

    The girls making beards and mustaches out of cotton candy.

  • Why I do, what I do.....

    Your kids will remember their themed birthday parties forever. They won't remember a thing that you bought them for their birthdays, but the party memories are there, and they carry them always. Our boys, now 18 and 16, can still tell you about birthday parties that they had. They remember them. If you ask them to name any of the gifts they ever got...they may remember one or two..but that is it. Spend your money on the party...especially when they are young. Toys break, but memories live on forever!


Party Helpers

  • Aubrey, Taylor, Ellie, Sage, and Ava.


    It's good to have friends, with older daughters that will come help at parties. :)

  • Tonya


    My friend Tonya, helped by taking the *Glam it up* photos, and others, while I ran the party. She is a doll!



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    Emelling M wrote:

    So Pretty!!

  • Catherine Serendipity S

    Catherine Serendipity S wrote:

    HI Tanya...We see the party was a hit and the kids had fun. Glad to see our Eloise Paper collection worked out. :)