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Sara's Pretty Picnic Party

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Party Recap

Sara loves being outdoors. She is always picking up dry leaves, hunting for fallen flowers and branches and turning them into “magic potions” and art for her room. She loves to walk around and hunt for “fairies”, can spend hours with a book under a tree, likes to have impromptu picnics after school or just go cycling with her friends. Since this little girl LOVES being outdoors so so much when she turned seven we decided to celebrate her special day outdoors. A pretty little picnic for my little chefling. It was a pleasant day and we hosted the party at a park. I made every little thing from scratch including the food for my little girl's special day.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Since the party was outdoors I wanted to keep food that fit our picnic theme, was easy to carry from home and would not get spoilt sitting out in the sun. The menu for the children was carrot, cucumber and cheese sandwiches, butter and oregano corn, juicy green grapes, potato crisps, dried rose cookies and lemonade.For the adults I made falafel, hummus and garlic yoghurt baguettes, a carrot, cucumber, mint and bulghar wheat tabbouleh along with green and black grapes, potato crisps, dried rose cookies and lemonade. There was also coconut water and sparkling water for everyone.I also printed the menus for the kids and the adults.

  • What People Drank

    Lemonade, Coconut water and sparkling water

  • Desserts

    Dried Rose Cookies and Birthday Cake

  • Party Favors

    A picnic birthday party cannot be complete without a picnic basket party favor. The children got picnic baskets which I filled up with edible pebbles, umbrella shaped bottles of bubbles and a tiny flower pot. The children also got colourful kites and wind streamers. I also made a gift tag to along. It read: Fly a kite, hunt for fallen flowers, collect a few pebbles, run around, eat a snack, plant a tree and blow some bubbles. Go on a picnic.

  • Activities / Games

    After the kids had a little time to settle down we played three picnic games. The invitation card read we’ll run, explore and play and that is exactly what we did. For the first game the children were divided into two teams and we had a relay. I used the triangular flags you saw above to mark the beginning and the end of each activity. The kids had to balance a lemon on a badminton racket followed by maneuvering a ball between some obstacles with their feet and finally balance plates on their head to reach the finishing line. For the second game, we explored. Each child was given this Let’s go exploring card that didn’t take very long for me to make and print. They were also given bags to collect leaves, rocks, branches, etc before they set out for exploration. For the third game, the kids stood in a circle and had to name animals and birds found on earth, in air and in water. The catch was that category was given by the child before them in the circle and they had to be super fast. Also you couldn’t repeat answer. There was obviously a lot of screaming and jumping :)


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