Ryan's "Sesame Street" First Birthday Party

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Party Recap

This was my son Ryan's 1st birthday party. He LOVES Cookie Monster, and for the few attempts at sounds and words that he makes, his favorite one is Cookie Monster's voice...it's priceless! We had also gone to Sesame Place for the first time over the summer, and since I had a giant Elmo costume just sitting in my basement (from Emily's first birthday party, and YES, I bought an Elmo costume), I figured what better theme than a Sesame Street one?!

You can see more details of this party on my blog, at: http://theshowerplanner.blogspot.com/2012/02/sesame-street-birthday-party.html


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    The dessert table was so fun to create! I tried matching desserts with different Sesame Street characters, and we ended up with Oscar the Grouch's Dirt Cake (complete with "Slimy the Worm" gummy worms), Cookie Monster's Cookie Cake, Ernie's Rubber Ducky Cupcakes (from the recipe book "What's New Cupcake?" http://www.hellocupcakebook.com/), and Elmo's "Swedish Fish Dorothy". Elmo was a last minute change...I was originally going to make little "fishbowls" with blue jello and gummy fish swimming in the bowls, but the project totally bombed the night before so I just stuck the fish into cups of ice cream...sometimes things don't always pan out like you think they will. The birthday cake was covered in fondant and the cupcakes were frosted with primary-colored buttercream. Oreo truffles were sprinkled with colored sanding sugar, and Rice Krispie treat "flowers" were dipped in chocolate and finished with an M&M in the middle. We also served strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and green grapes, so EVERYTHING was red, blue, green, and yellow! (Well, and chocolate too, you can't ever leave out chocolate no matter what your color theme is).

  • Activities / Games

    Guests were invited to "Count with the Count", and basically guess how many pieces of candy were in each jar. They also went fishing for rubber duckies with Ernie (the number on the bottom of each duck corresponded to the prize), "Trash Toss" with Oscar (tossing crumpled-up pieces of newspaper into his trash bin), and "Arts and Crafts with Abby Cadabby", where they could make fairy wings, color pictures of Sesame Street characters, and create projects with homemade "play dough" (Sorry, the picture of the arts and crafts table is pretty dark).

  • Party Favors

    I totally forgot to take pictures of the goody bags, but they were red lunch bags that contained Sesame Street themed items...a packet of Goldfish for Elmo, a packet of cookies for Cookie Monster, a puzzle with Abby Cadabby on it, etc. Each bag had a label attached that said "E is for Emily", "C is for Christopher", etc.

  • Best Moment

    Singing happy 1st birthday to my son Ryan, of course! Although, watching all of the kids run over to hug Elmo when he made his big appearance was a close second.


Party Helpers



  • Michele H

    Michele H wrote:

    what does the sign say for this game . o love this party great job

  • Michelle C

    Michelle C wrote:

    Hi Michele! I added a close-up of each sign for the games so you can read them all a little better. I marked the bottom of each duck with either a "1", "2", or "3", which corresponded to the prize. The kids won a prize and got to keep the duck! It was originally in water, but we had too many toddlers and my floor was soaked! We dumped the water, but they didn't care! So glad you liked the party, thanks for commenting!!

  • Anna R

    Anna R wrote:

    How did you make these? Where material did you use or the heads?

  • Michelle C

    Michelle C wrote:

    Hello! The heads are made from marabou boas and secured to a styrofoam base. I actually have them listed for sale in my etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/96552940/topiary-choice-of-one-monsters-inspired?ref=shop_home_active_1 Thank you for stopping by my party page! :) Michelle