Party Recap

My daughter turned 2 and loves Sesame Street, so it was no question when it came to the theme of the party! With a lot of help from the internet and Pinterest, I took many of the ideas I liked and made them my own.
I incorporated primary colors into all the decor, handmade all of the decorations and also used my daughters Sesame Street toys as decor throughout the party.
I made all the treats for the party as well as the Cookie Monster cake. My husband made the Sesame Street lamp post.
We even had a Sesame Street themed photo booth...fun for both the kids and the adults!

Everyone had so much fun!!


Party Highlights

  • Party Favors

    Homemade cherry scented playdough, Homemade alphabet crayons, Homemade Sesame Street coloring books, Homemade finger paints, Sesame Street stickers and tattoos

  • Activities / Games

    Rubber Duckie Relay, Pin the kiss on Elmo, Count with the Count. Hanky Panky game and Face the Cookie

  • What People Ate

    Cupcakes, Banana/vanilla wafer/nutella Sandwiches, Fruit w/Fruit dip, Peanut butter/Chocolate Swirl cookies, Trash can pudding, Goldfish crackers, Cookie dough pretzel bites, assorted candies

  • What People Drank

    Rubber Duckie Punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and Pineapple Sherbet)

  • Best Moment

    After the day was over and all the guests were headed home, my daughter turned to me in her little 2 year old voice and said "Tank to Momma, for my birfday"....Melted my heart!

  • Funniest Moment

    My Mom and Aunt both tripping and falling during the rubber duckie relay....then wrestling on the floor to beat the other!! Sisterly love!! Hahaha!!


Party Helpers



  • Kindra D

    Kindra D wrote:

    Oh these are so cute!

  • Misty G

    Misty G wrote:

    Thank you so much Kindra!!

  • no photo

    Lynedra M wrote:

    What is this made with?

  • Misty G

    Misty G wrote:

    Lynedra, I used the blue Hawaiian Punch, sprite/7-up and pineapple sherbet. It was delicious!

  • no photo

    Ericka H wrote:

    Hello, I was interested in knowing where were you able to purchase the stuffed animals. Thank you in advance. and I looovveeedd the story of the fun that was had by the adults. lol

  • Misty G

    Misty G wrote:

    Hi Ericka! Thank you, yes the adults had a BLAST at the party! lol lol

  • no photo

    Tonya H wrote:

    Hi Cool birthday decorations and how did u make party hat,goody bag n birthday banner? You can send me instructions to my email address [email protected]

  • no photo

    Tonya H wrote:

    Awww....the photo prop was awesome n how did you make them ? Send me the instructions to my email address [email protected]