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Party Recap

How are we in our 30’s and Pokémon is still a thing?!
When this sweet mom reached out to us about their son's 8th birthday party we were on the edge of our seats to know what theme he wanted this year! We absolutely love boy parties and the challenge that comes with "boy themes" simply because there just isn’t enough cool decor out there, so it really pushes our creativity!

Our little client was set on Pokémon theme, he truly is obsessed! However mom wasn’t thrilled about the bold colors the traditional Pokémon decor usually offers, so we added a twist. In order to please both our little client and his mommy we toned down the color palette while still keeping it fun and lively!

We had limited outdoor space to work with since we wanted to give guest enough room to move around the pool area, and leave space for grill area therefore we tried to keep this kids table as interactive as possible in order to keep the kids in one area. We did so by bringing in custom coloring placemats, crayons, Pokémon face masks, caps for each guest and handmade “Pokeballs”!

The backdrop well… That speaks for itself, right?! We partnered with Lush Creations which is one of our preferred vendors. It’s was an explosion of color, in the most tasteful way. It really made the whole decor and (untraditional) colors all come together nicely.

We could tell from the sparkle in out little clients eyes when he walked into his party it was everything he hoped for, and it truly melted our hearts.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Traditional Spanish food and BBQ

  • Desserts

    Cake and Cupcake

  • Party Favors

    Orignal Trainer Hat, Pokéball (filled with candy), Personalized cups, Pokémon masks


Party Helpers

  • Lush Creations

    Balloon Design

  • Jilly Cakes Bakes



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