Party Recap

I have been dying to throw a Carnival/Country Fair party and finally had a chance for my daughters 2nd birthday (I know, I know, a little young!). I had an amazing team to help pull the day together. My husband made almost all of the games out of free pallets. Parties by Talulah helped with overall design, creation, set-up and topped it off with face painting! A troop of amazing friends and family helped with the rest!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    This was a potluck so we had a ton of fabulous dishes. Hot dogs, baked beans, chili, corn bread, corn on the cob, watermelon, berries, etc!

  • What People Drank

    Lemonade, fruit punch, iced tea, water, soda, adult beverages

  • Desserts

    Pie, Pie, Pie! Cake, mini cupcakes, lemon tarts, coffee cake

  • Party Favors

    the kids won tickets and bought their own prizes.

  • Activities / Games

    Carnival games, races, pinata, etc


Party Helpers

  • Parties by Talulah

    Party Planner

    Helped with every detail of the party and then painted faces! Fabulous planner with a great sense of style and budget!http://partiesbytalulah.blogspot.com/

  • Lisa Nelson, Inspired Desserts

    Cake designer

    The cake and cupcakes were as delicious as they were adorable!



  • Jean D

    Jean D wrote:

    What a cute party and so many details!

  • no photo

    Faith B wrote:

    Thank you! We had a lot of fun putting it together.

  • no photo

    Rockie A wrote:

    Loved it!!

  • Megan R

    Megan R wrote:

    this is such a fun project for a party... could be used in any theme really... love it!

  • Megan R

    Megan R wrote:

    love this chalkboard idea!

  • Amie M

    Amie M wrote:

    How did you put together the Clown Knock out Game? Love how you did the party, I'm working on my son's 5th birthday carnival party. We finally have enough space to put together a carnival, and I'm so excited to do it this year! a month and a half left to go! I'm already giddy working on the ideas.

  • no photo

    Faith B wrote:

    Thank you very much! I doubt I am replying in time but just in case...The clown knock out was just a cut out pice of plywood that we painted. The "teeth" were just some 2X1's that we had. We put hinges on the bottoms of them so they would be easy to set back up. We did find that they fell over too easily though so we put some sticky velcro on the back of the plywood and at the top of each tooth so they would be harder to knock down. The kids favorite games were this, the shoot out, the duck pond and the knock down game. The fish bowl ping pong, soda bottle ring toss and basket toss were surprisingly hard! Also, the chalkboard was just a piece of black foam board that we wrote on with a chalkboard marker. I think the whole thing was about $2!

  • Krista F

    Krista F wrote:

    How did you make the horse?