Party Recap

My daughter has always loved Disney Princess everything! We own almost every Princess toy on the market. Ha! I set up a little play date for my daughter and her friends. I had a bunch of TownleyGirl products for them, and let my daughter try out a few of the products ahead of time! Lip gloss, nail polish, hair bows and all the accessories made for a fun-filled, frilly and fancy afternoon! She has a 6 foot tall Princess Castle, so I thought why not use that to house some of the play date make-up and dress-up products, as well as the snack bites and candy bracelets for the girls. Quick princess food ideas I created were chocolate chip waffle sandwiches (nut butter in the middle), cut into stars and made into wands with a straw and ribbon! Along with mini pancake stacks with a raspberry topper and toothpick wand. For the table, I went glam, and had a favor bag with nail polish and lip gloss for each of them!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Waffle sandwiches turned into wands, mini pancake stacks.

  • Desserts

    Mini cupcakes, candy bracelets

  • Party Favors

    Nail polish and Lip gloss

  • Activities / Games

    board games


Party Helpers


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