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prince and princess of teddyland

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Party Recap

Once upon a time in an immense of a Teddy land steppe, lay one kingdom called teddy Land. It's been decades the Teddy land kingdom had rain and thunder storms and no sun at all.

The King and Queen of teddy land had a very pretty little princess called Kinsley. She was very lonely and wanted to have a brother yet her parents were unable to give her one yet.

One gloomy day, there was a knock on the palace door. They wondered who it was since it was raining very hard. They opened the door and saw an Old lady with rags and in need of a shelter.

The king and queen were hesitant at first but Princess Kinsley had the kindest heart in the land and was eager to help the old lady. Once they fed and took care of the old lady, the old lady turned into an angel and said "Dear King, queen and princess of teddy land. Because of your kind and warm heart in helping a helpless person in need, in August, I shall bestow you a small prince named Reagan and bless this land with seasons of sunshine. Where flowers will bloom and rainbows appear. Thank you for everything." And she dissapeared.

It was August, prince Reagan was born! All the rain stopped and the sun came up and the flowers bloomed ! Princess Kinsley was no longer lonely and they all lived happily ever after. Every year since then, the kingdom of teddy land celebrates the birth of Prince Reagan and to remember that having a kind heart like Princess Kinsley will always give miracles at the end.


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    Face and body painting Tattoo glitter Cartton caricature Choo choo train


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