Party Recap

We helped Anna plan a bruffday party for her furbaby, Pollyanna. She went all out celebrating Pollyanna's first birthday. View our blog for more details about the pawty: http://www.whenpoochcomestoshove.com/real-pooches-real-pawties-pollyannas-sausage-fest/

Here is what Anna had to say about the experience of planning a birthday party for her furbaby:

“I couldn't wait for the party day to arrive and see Polly wearing her party hat and bow ties! I loved getting to plan Polly's Party knowing that I had so many cool decorations to work with! A lot of people thought I was crazy wanting to throw a party for my dog but she is my baby, my kid! I had to celebrate her 1 year!! I didn't care how crazy they thought I was!”


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