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Crystal B By Crystal B  in Birthday


Party Recap

When guest arrived they stepped into Neverland through an old shipwrecked boat. Once entering Neverland they had to "Dress Like a Pirate", make a map, and make some pixie dust, but only for emergencies. Neverland was filled with many adventures for the children to explore!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Captain Cooper's Favorites! Pizza, Fish-N-Chips, Bananas, Jello, Cupcakes, and Cakepops!

  • What People Drank

    Pirate Punch and Pink Lemonade

  • Best Dressed

    Everyone!!! All the Boys had handmade Jake Vests and all the Girls had Pirate Tutus

  • Activities / Games

    Jake and the Neverland Pirate Obstacle Course, Treasure Dig, Make Yer Own Map, Make Yer Own Pixie Dust, Sword Fight With a Piñata, Hook Toss,Cannon Ball Throw at Hook and Pirates Plunge Water Slide

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Party Helpers



  • Bella Events .

    Bella Events . wrote:

    Not a detail was missed!! Great job!!

  • Caryn P

    Caryn P wrote:

    Best Pirate party I have ever seen!!! Looks like the kids had a blast. Great party with lots & lots of detail

  • Mary H

    Mary H wrote:

  • Mary H

    Mary H wrote:

    Terrific Party. Great use of resources to cover every detail. Very inspiring.

  • Stefanie C

    Stefanie C wrote:

    Great Party!!! How did u make all the signs?? I want to make them for my son. They look amazing!!

  • Dana C

    Dana C wrote:

    Love love love this ! How did you make the table ?

  • Maritza G

    Maritza G wrote:

    how did u make the seats?

  • no photo

    Veronica A wrote:

    I love all your signs, the bathroom one in particular.. where did you download the image/picture?

  • no photo

    Veronica A wrote:

    Sorry, I pressed send to quick - do you have a file to share or for sale with the signs? Thanks.

  • Crystal B

    Crystal B wrote:

    I made them myself. I can sell them to you at my Etsy shop. I sell the big ones for $2.00 and the small one for $1.00. They are pretty sturdy because I reinforce them with wood. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks, Crystal

  • no photo

    Christine M wrote:

    Where could I get a sign like this for the bathroom?

  • no photo

    Veronica A wrote:

    Hi Crystal, I just sent you message in Etsy shop - I want to purchase all your signs designs please, they're wonderful. Hope to get it going soon, thanks!