João Pedro and the Neverland Pirates

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    When the Jake and Hoot arrived

  • João Pedro and the Neverland Pirates - 16-06

    Party Style & Concept: Cena Real/Mom Juliana Nobre Photography: Aline Ribeiro Fotógrafa Cupcakes: Fofurices Cupcakes por Danielle Ferraz Chocolates, Lollipops: Giselle Chocolates, Jorge Casquilho, Jacqueline Fontes, Doces da Tita Cold Porcelain: Miria Ester Scraps designer: Tudinho de biquinho Table : Cena Real Wooden stands : Cleia Pscheidt Letters and numbers: Joy Almeida Stylized Pirate Kits: Feltro a Feltro Characters alive (Jake and Hoot): Photofantasy Animação e Eventos Balloons: Lolli Pop Meier Others: Brindes Preta Lu, Coisas da Carol Ateliê


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