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Pink and Gold Disney Princess

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My little girl is obsessed with princesses, specifically the classic Disney princesses. Between her and her sister I think we’ve covered quite a few princess parties through the years, so when her birthday planning began she couldn’t pick another princess (or another theme for that matter). She wanted princesses and she wanted ALL of them. We narrowed it down to her favorite top 7 princesses, because four or five was not enough (joy!). It actually worked out well and we had so much fun putting it together. With so many princesses, there were plenty of options and ideas to represent each one. I decided to go with a pink and gold color scheme and use elements and symbols of each princess to represent them. I am always fascinated by their dresses, so I incorporated them into the design.
The dessert/candy table was where the princess love came together. I decided to represent each of the princesses with the individual treats. We had rose topped cookies (Belle), candy filled slippers (Cinderella), Clam cookies (Ariel), Candy Apples (Snow White), pink cake pops (Ariel), golden chocolate nuggets (Rapunzel), Jeweled rock candy (Jasmine). One of my favorite details was the individual princess fondant toppers used as cupcake toppers. No birthday or table is complete without a cake. My daughter insisted on having the princesses “dancing on the cake” and she was ecstatic when she saw it.
Each of our other tables were themed with each individual princess. Our welcome table was decorated with “Cinderella”. Each princess receive a mini tiara when they arrived. Drinks and refreshment table was a “Little Mermaid” theme, complete with Sebastian, conches, nets, and shells. Food was served on a “Belle” inspired table, inviting everyone to “be our guest”. Guest table was decorated with “Sleeping Beauty”.
My little princess had a wonderful day celebrating her four years. She dressed in a Cinderella inspired dress and wore a radiant smile. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those gorgeous happy faces 
Event Styling and Printables: Styling the moment
Photography: Monica Margolles
Cake: Moulin Rose Cake and Bakery Shop

Fondant Toppers: Susie’s Sweet Cake Pops


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