Party Recap

The four year-old birthday boy knows his sharks, and this party was styled just for him. Realistic images of various sharks swam on the party invitation and provided the inspiration for party decorations. Great white sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, mako sharks, and whale sharks were plentiful.

Guests were greeted by a sign which read, “Welcome to the Party. Come in for a bite.” A fabulous “pool noodle” coral reef was created on the party table, and was the centerpiece for the “Shark Reef Diner.” Sea shells and starfish were scattered on the table.

Café tables were decorated with shark centerpieces.

It was an ocean of fun for all!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The party food consisted of Fresh Fruit, Shrimp Pasta, Chicken (of the sea) Pasta, and a Sand-wich bar with triangle shaped finger sandwiches (Shark Fins). Seaweed (spinach) Dip and Seven Seas (seven layer) Dip were served with chips and crackers. A bowl of colored goldfish attracted the attention of a nearby shark!

  • What People Drank

    The water bottles were “shark infested” as they featured images of different sharks. Assorted soft drinks and ocean water punch were available.

  • Desserts

    Sweets were plentiful and included: Shark Attack Cookies, Shark Teeth (Bugles dipped in white chocolate), Shark Bait (Swedish Fish), and Blue Shark Gummy Candies. Shark Reef Cupcakes with adorable cupcake toppers were nestled among the sea grass. Shark fin tooth picks were added to blue Rice Krispie Treats. And did we mention the amazing lemon pie, which was totally unrelated to the theme, but so very tasty!

  • Party Favors

    Party favors included toy sharks, bubbles, shark cookies and goldfish. Favor tags read “Thank you for making my party FIN-tastic.”

  • Activities / Games

    Guests were warned “Beware of Shark Infested Waters” on their way to the swimming pool for an afternoon of fun.


Party Helpers


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