Party Recap

The birthday girls name is Paris so the Parisian theme was the perfect choice for this fabulous sweet sixteen!



  • Shannon K

    Shannon K wrote:

    How do I get the Large banner that says, "Paris Sweet Sixteen"?? I same colors.. I want to replicate a lot of this party. [email protected]

  • Christy B

    Christy B wrote:

    I also would love to replicate this party!! So beautiful!! My daughter would love this for her sweet 16. Any info on where you got any/all of the supplies...from the banner to the custom candy bars. Thanks!!

  • no photo

    Camillia F wrote:

    Is there any way I can have any information on this party, and the things on the table? contact: [email protected]

  • no photo

    Jackie P wrote:

    I want this stuff for my daughter sweet 16 how do I find the items HELP PLEASE

  • Sharlene J

    Sharlene J wrote:

    Would like information on where to purchase the large banner. Thanks

  • no photo

    Jennifer H wrote:

    How do I purchase these items?

  • Donna D

    Donna D wrote:

    I have been looking everywhere help please where do I find this at

  • no photo

    Jenna M wrote:

    I love this color and i would love it for my Sweet 16 where did you find the decorations?

  • Yadira P

    Yadira P wrote:

    Hello. I am in the process of planning a Sweet 15 (Quinceanera) for my daughter. I was wondering where did you find this Eiffel tower prop?

  • Gwen A

    Gwen A wrote:

    I need these items. Please Help!

  • no photo

    Heather M wrote:

    Where did you find that large eiffel tower?

  • Kishami J

    Kishami J wrote:

    I would like this for my daughter's sweet 16 party. How can I get this?

  • no photo

    Veronica C wrote:

    I really would like this for my daughter 15 party can you please tell me where I con go to find this supplies?

  • no photo

    Elvery T wrote:

    Same question as Heather M, where did you find that large eiffel tower?

  • Mannette D

    Mannette D wrote:

    Where Can I purchase that Eiffel Tower that’s standing on the side. I really need to find one for my daughter 13th Birthday party. Thank you

  • no photo

    Conta S wrote:

    Can someone please tell me how can I purchase these items for my daughter Sweet 16 party?

  • no photo

    Heather M wrote:

    Where did you get this signage from?

  • Cheryl H

    Cheryl H wrote:

    Hi, I’m also trying to match this theme color for my daughters sweet 16, where did you get the sequin fabric for the table and what is the name of the color. So hard to order online without knowing the name, colors look different. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

  • no photo

    Theresa L wrote:

    Can you please let me know where you purchased everything. My daughter wants this theme for her 11th birthday party and I would like to surprise her with it. Thanks so much.

  • no photo

    Shivana L wrote:

    Would love to know where you got all the décor from. I'm planning a Sweet 16 for next year and need to get a head start. Thank you!!

  • no photo

    Angie J wrote:

    Hello, where did you get the signage from? Would love to replicate this for my daughter's 16th. Thank you! [email protected]

  • no photo

    Teya W wrote:

    My daughter is turning 16 and showed me this theme. How can I purchase this decor? Thank you so much. [email protected]

  • no photo

    Sheila C wrote:

    Hello, my daughter is turning 15. Where did you get the signage and candies from? Would love to replicate this for my daughter's quinceañera. Thank you! [email protected]

  • no photo

    Laura D wrote:

    Where did you get the backdrop sign?

  • no photo

    Sarah A wrote:

    Where can I get the backdrop sign

  • no photo

    Merani B wrote:

    paris Barthday party ldeas photho