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Fleur De Sel B By Fleur De Sel B  in Tea Party


Party Recap

I started my home business of French homemade cakes and desserts. The big challenge : to get to be known, and believe me it's difficult when you don't have a front shop nor friends to spread the word of mouth ( I newly arrived in australia, and between enrolling my daughter to school, go house hunting, organising the removalist, the house, the pets,I didn't get to make new friends).
Via Facebook I already had a loyal customer, and I decided to organise this Tea Party therefore Facebook fans and locals would get to taste my pastries. It was a beautiful day, we had lots of fun, i was very proud of my first dessert table and even more proud of my desserts.And now this loyal customer is my friend and we work together time to time of projects as she is a cake decorator.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Homemade: - Vanilla Macarons - Chocolate Macarons - Hazelnut Praline Macarons - Lemon Marshmallows - Orange Blossom water Marshmallows - Rose Water Marshmallows - Chocolate Cake - Financiers - Lemon Meringues - Chocolate Eclairs - Vanilla Rum Eclairs

  • Party Favors

    Chocolate Bars Chocolate Macarons in a lovely box

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