Party Recap

My daughter Keely was turning seven and I wanted to do something that said how much we adore her, so the theme of ‘deer’ in a woodland theme evolved.
The party was held in the middle of our Australian winter but still sunny enough to be outside and enjoying the sunshine, which was fabulous as we had the wonderful team at Pirates and Fairies doing themed activities with the guests, everything from making woodland fairy tiaras to woodland animal face-painting. We also decorated beautiful MDF trees from Party Ideas In A Box and decorated them with Woodland animal stickers.

When it came time to doing the dessert buffet, there were heaps of enticing options.

The most creative things were that I had melted down Caramel Jerseys into an acorn shape and dipped the ends in chocolate to create Acorns.
There were Snowballs dipped in red chocolate, adorned with white chocolate buds and marshmallows, that created red toadstools.

Every berry lolly imaginable, everything from generic red raspberries to Starburst fruits were on the table and this looked fabulous next to the bright red canisters of Jaffas that were interspersed with white Kool mints in a polka dot pattern.

Beautiful cookies made by Crumbs of Yum were done in toadstool and mossy green rabbits.

Sugar Pop Bakery made the cutest gluten-free chocolate cake pops in fox and toadstool designs.

Chocolate coated biscuits, liquorice, bullets and wafer sticks were all terrific foods for twig and branch looking table items.

Lastly, the cake was 2 simple store bought chocolate sponge rolls that were decorated with chocolate frosting and the beautiful fondant figures by Sugar and Stripes Co


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