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  • ninja headbands

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    http://some web site that sold martial arts stuff, can't remember what it was called but the headbands were not very expensive and were a big hit



  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Love this idea! Super cute.

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Love your pics! My son desperately wants a Ninjago party for his 6th birthday. Can I ask what you made the pinata out of? It looked GREAT! Also, where did you find the Ninjago headband for your son?

  • Jenny S

    Jenny S wrote:

    Thanks! We had a lot of fun with the party. The headband I got from the Lego website. For the pinata I used those foam wreath forms from a craft store for the top and bottom and wrapped posted board around it, secured with duct tape. Since the poster board is quite strong I scored it with scissors so the kids would be able to break it. Then used tissue paper and watered down white glue to like paper mache for the colour and drew on the eyes. We had about 10 kids here and each one got about 6 or 7 turns before it broke open, was really strong.

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Awesome! Great ideas! We made a Minnie Mouse pinata for my daughter's birthday in February and that thing took FOREVER to break, so I like the idea of scoring it so that it's actually breakable! Thanks for the tips! :)