Party Recap

My son is mad about Beyblades so we decided to have a Beyblade Tournament for his party. He had an absolute ball!



  • Michele C

    Michele C wrote:

    Where did you find the personalized beyblade banner??

  • Leanne N

    Leanne N wrote:

    I created it in Photoshop and then my father-in-law printed it at his work :)

  • no photo

    Swetha A wrote:

    I really loved your ideas for the party..Absolutely BRILLIANT!! Can you please help me out on how to work on a sign like this for my boy?

  • Leanne N

    Leanne N wrote:

    My Father-In-Law works at a printing company. He organized one of the graphic design guys to do it as a surprise for my son. I think you could find a Beyblade image on the Internet and then use Photoshop to mask the face and replace it with an image of your child's face. You just need to take the photo you use on a similar angle. Hope that helps!

  • Dee D

    Dee D wrote:

    Hello , can you help me with the ideas for the sweet buffet - like the names you used for beyblade things?

  • no photo

    Tonia H wrote:

    How long did the tournament last?

  • no photo

    Maronda A wrote:

    What was inside the party favor bags