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Naomi's Scientific Spa

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Party Recap

The laboratory was set, and the assignments were laid out, but I can assure you that this group of spunky pre-teens had never experienced a lab of this sort! While science labs are known to be an area where you can mix and test experiments, we decided to do that but with a twist! We mixed up different ingredients to make beauty products at this Scientific Spa! The tone for this party was set with fun and vibrant invites that invited guests to join us to Mix It, Pour It, Now Test, and Then Leave Looking Your Best! Upon entering the lab guests were gifted with their very own lab coat, but not just any lab coat! We gifted Naomi and friends with teal blue spa robes, because what’s a spa without a plush and cute robe! After guests grabbed their lab coats, they were given name badges to enter the lab, and an antibiotic (candy M & M) to ensure that they didn’t get sick from any of the lab mixtures:) After being fully prepped these little scientists were ready to make magic in the lab, and boy was the scene set for the girliest laboratory! Using an estate table design we lined bright lime green tablecloths with an assortment of colored vases to resemble science beakers and flasks. Each vases was filled with the prettiest flowers that were different shades of purple. The place settings for each scientist included teal blue science kits that we custom made to include all of the ingredients and jars that they girls would need to make and package their beauty products. Topping off the table decor…ghost chairs complete with decals to match the printables! Believe me no detail was left untouched! But enough of us talking about, let’s show you how we created an unforgettable party for Naomi and friends:)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Kid friendly lunches were displayed in black gable boxes to resemble science kits. Inside the boxes were fun and healthy treats for the kids to indulge in when they needed to refuel their brain!

  • What People Drank

    Naomi's Scientific Concoction!

  • Desserts

    Vanilla Buttercream cake with nerds embedded inside the cake! Gumball Molecules Atomic Popcorn Periodic Table Cookies

  • Party Favors

    Custom teal blue robes that served as lab coats for the girls!

  • Activities / Games

    We created 3 experiments: 1.) Cucumber Face Mask 2.) Lavender Lip Gloss 3.) Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub


Party Helpers



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    Monique M wrote:

    Super fun, cute, and creative. Cultivating beauty AND brains...I love it!

  • Ka'Meisha

    Ka'Meisha wrote:

    Did you have the sign blown up at a local place or did you order it? Etsy?