Party Recap

I wish I wouldnt have been so busy & was able to get more pictures of all the amazing details.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    we had a very fun costume contest!!

  • Desserts

    we had tons and tons of goodies. candy apples, cake pushpops, brownies, all kinds of candies, pretzels, halloween fortune cookies, pez, candy filled gumball machines, lets just say I went crazy on the sweets!!

  • Activities / Games

    we played bean bag toss, pin the noise on the witch, & a dart game. we also had a mini pumpkin patch filled with mini pumpkins that the guests could decorate with foam stickers, eyeballs, & other craft items. Also at the craft table there were frames that we would put a mini polaroid picture in & mini halloween canvas bags to decroate.

  • Budget

    don't ask!!!

  • Party Favors

    a tin bucket filled with a wand, a coin magic trick, mini playing cards, a light up roller, magic magnets, & the babies got a lil halloween stuffed animal in theirs.

  • Best Moment

    the whole party was amazing I was just glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

  • What People Ate

    we had pizza my sons favorite food. there we also wings, mini sandwiches, chicken strips.

  • Most Touching Moment

    singing happy birthday, my baby is already one

  • Funniest Moment

    my daughter taking charge & telling the kids where they weren't allowed.


Party Helpers

  • Celine


    everyone loved her!! she was so nice & even stayed later to finish everyone & would not accept a tip.http://addaphysictoyourparty.com

    Phone: 619-866-4773

  • Emmy

    The best!!

    could have never did all this without my sister in law

  • jackie

    The best

    my other sister in law who did amazing with the physic tent..it would not happen without the help it got from her.

  • Eric & Phillip


    love these two..my brothers moved table & helped with any & all the heavy lifting & the outside decorations i need to add pictures off because it was amazing!!

  • Michelle

    Cake designer



  • Ashley M

    Ashley M wrote:

    Where did you find this tree?? - it's great!

  • no photo

    Natalie R wrote:

    I bought the tree in LA near the flower district

  • Jacqueline  J

    Jacqueline J wrote:

    i just love the creativity! super cute idea for a first birthday!! Amazing decorations!!:) LOVE!LOVE! LOVE!