Party Recap

This was a small intimate party with a few of my grandchildren. Unlike most of my parties this one wasn't super gory or scary! Just a few classic movie monsters enjoying dinner together. Each of the monsters had a place setting that revolved around their character.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We dined on Dracula's bat wings (Chicken wings in a black teryaki sauce), Dracula's Garlic mashed potatoes, Frankensteins brain watermelon ( a mini melon carved to look like a brain) Mashed potato ghosts on meatloaf graves, and the Bride of Frankenstein wedding cake.

  • Activities / Games

    After a Ghoulish dinner we have a traditional haunted pumpkin patch. Each child goes out into the dark and spooky haunted graveyard (complete with fog, spider webs, sound effects and graves) to find a pumpkin. The little kids find the big pumpkins, the big find the mini pumpkins. Each pumpkin has a number written on the bottom that corresponds to a prize back inside.

  • Place settings

    Each place setting went along with a movie monster character. The invisble man had all crystal plates, bowls, placemat and utensils, a black fedora and sunglasses. Each character had items unique to them.


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