Party Recap

I wanted this set-up to scream Moana and not a Hawaiian themed party. I think I definitely pulled it off from the custom painted tablecloth and sail, to the stacked stones with a conch shell. My favorite being the tablecloth - it completely tied everything together. I hand painted this one myself, along with the sail tied to tree branches. I made sure to use all organic serving platters -wood tones, etc. and nothing ceramic. I added in the final touches with an authentic Polynesian drum, a cowrie necklace and my custom designed Moana paper mache letters. Oh and those crab Tamatoa cupcakes, were a fun addition. Blue velvet cake with gold frosting, gold sprinkles and chocolate covered shells painted gold, inside of a blue wrapper with claws.

And of course with the help of all of my extremely talented vendors, we knocked this one out of the park! Eric, my number one go to guy for props, hand sculpted all of the mischievous little Kakamoras and the stacked stones with moss. He also made the wooden cake stand with Moana's boat design. So much talent from this guy!

Stacey, my sugar cookie artist, I can no longer live without. I can give her any theme and she just runs with it. I thought the realm of monsters definitely needed to be included in my set up and she gave me these jaw-dropping beauties.

Dahlia made the cutest Pua and Heihei French Macarons. So cute - almost too cute to eat, but they were delicious ;) I loved Pua's little face and Heihei's goofy eyes.

What kid can resist a candybob from Wynter! No one, I tell you! Always, always, always the first desserts to go, and I never order enough. I couldn't leave Te Fiti and Te Ka out! Wynter painted these masterpieces and even added highlights to Te Fiti!

Traci made the crazy pirate kakamora cake pops and Heart of Te Fiti chocolate covered Oreos. So much attention to detail on the kakamoras! They all had little shell helmets and she hand painted their evil little faces on! And instead of just a plain stick, we turned them into the darts they blow in the movie.

Saved the best for last, of course! That cake! Five tiers of gorgeous-ness. AAANNNNNDDD, it lights up! You'd think Maui's tattoos and Moana's shells were loads of detail all in itself, but then Alicia added the Heart of Te Fiti and had it light up. Such a show stopper and fit perfectly in with all of the other elements :)


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Kakamora Cake Pops, Blue Velvet Tamatoa Cupcakes with gold frosting / gold sprinkles / chocolate covered gold shells, Te Fiti and Te Ka Candybobs, Moana / Maui chocolate cake, Pua and Heihei French Macarons, Heart of Te Fiti Chocolate Covered Oreos, Realm of Monsters Sugar Cookies


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Alex M wrote:

    Where did you get the backdrop/poster of the islands? Your party looked perfect and is giving me so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!

  • no photo

    Kristina M wrote:

    Where did you get the material for the sail boat and tablecloth?

  • Sugar Lagoon .

    Sugar Lagoon . wrote:

    I would recommend a cream linen for the sail and tablecloth from your local fabric store. The material I used was difficult to work with and too porous.

  • no photo

    Shauna S wrote:

    What did you use to paint on the sail in red? What problems did you encounter to avoid?

  • Kaitlyn B

    Kaitlyn B wrote:

    Would love some DIY instructions on this tablecloth... you should sell it in your Etsy store!!!

  • Jenna S

    Jenna S wrote:

    Hi! Where did you dint this tablecloth? Did you make it? Also, how did you create the stones 'stacked on the mountain'? Foam?

  • Jenna S

    Jenna S wrote:

    Where did you *find* the tablecloth?

  • Sugar Lagoon .

    Sugar Lagoon . wrote:

    Hi Jenna - I made the tablecloth myself and Eric at Daydreamer Creations made/sculpted/painted the stacked rocks. :)