Party Recap

Last year was MOnster trucks this year Tractors but not any old tractor . It had to be a good ol JOhn Deere tractor party.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    How excited MJ was just before guests arrived

  • Best Dressed

    aside from the birthday boy of course , his playmate HH and mum Trudy ( gum boots and all)

  • Desserts

    cake cake pops. cupcakes, Piggies in mud ( angel delight with piggy lollies on top )

  • Party Favors

    A bucket each containing a John deere pencil, a small pot , a bag of potting soil some sunflower seeds , a mini Lindt chocolate bunny and plastic animals - plus a garden windmill each to take home .

  • Activities / Games

    Pass the parcel and stick the chicken on the farm yard . funny " face in the hole " tractor photo prop.

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Fodder ( Pretzels mixed with candy fruit) ,Ploughmans' choice of sandwiches, green and yellow jelly beans, cottage cupcakes, rabbit droppings( chocolate raisins) Hay stacks ( ricekrispie cakes), Fruit garden ( fruit platter), veggie patch ( selection of carrot , capsicum and cucumber sticks) , Crop circles( PIZZA) Popped corn,Tractor tyres( Orios with smarties on) sack o spuds( corn chips). And a TRACTOR CAKE .

  • What People Drank



Party Helpers

  • Brenda Doyle



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