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Milla turns 3 in a Rainbow of Ribbons

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Party Recap

What a fun day!! From the 5:00am wake up call by the excited birthday girl until the last guest left our home after the party we all had a fabulous day!

Decorations: Ribbon chandelier hung on our letter box and the rainbow ribbon wreath on our front door welcomed party guests. A rainbow selection of Giggleberry ribbon garlands hung on the front of the food table and clear plastic baubles filled with ribbons sat in a rainbow on the table.

Mini Candy Buffet: I had never done a candy buffet before but had a ball with this and now I want to do more!! A selection of Skittles, Sour rainbow straps, Twizzlers and gold chocolate coins gave a fun and colourful sweet splash to the party. A HUGE thanks to Cake Ink. for the awesome custom printables that matched perfectly with the Cake Ink designed party invites. One of the custom printables was a little sign I hung above the mini candy buffet that read:
"Little Miss Milla is turning 3
where rainbows and ribbons meet.
So help us celebrate this special day,
and enjoy a sweet rainbow treat."
I also decided to be a bit different and took the circle printables that are usually used for cupcake toppers and sewed them into a garland to hang on the front of the buffet table and on the box stand the sour straps are on.

Food Table: We just had a nice and simple BBQ and salad lunch so the food was easy to think about. For the kids drinks I wrapped pop top juice bottles in more gorgeous prinatbles from Cake Ink. With a little bit of string I tied the matching printable thankyou tags onto the ribbon wands from Pinwheels and Pearls and had them in a vase on the table for decoration until the end of the party when each of the kids got to take a ribbon wand home. Behind the table I hung a ribbon curtain I made - simple but effective I thought.

The Cake: I know, I know you would of all liked me to have made one of the simply amazing rainbow layer cakes but I wanted to be different so I still went with the layers but made two of the layers a 'rainbow sprinkles layer'. I just mixed a pack of rainbow choc chip sprinkles into the batter before baking so when the cake was cut there were little rainbow specs all through 2 of the layers. I stuck to the ribbon theme by turning the cake into a maypole cake. And thanks to Janelle from Cake Ink I was able to track down the ribbon cake stand that I absolutley ADORE from Tracey Lau - I LOVE it!! I also made some little cupcakes which I decorated like mini rainbows on clouds but forgot to take a photo of them... you can just see them in the bottom corner of the cake photo.

After the cutting and eating the cake I thought it was the perfect time to slow the kids down a little so we all stood around my dining table and made a Ribbon Rainbow Artwork... most of the kids stayed with the craft and enjoyed themselves and were excited to be taking their craft home too!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    Cake time & craft session with the kids


Party Helpers



  • Katie M

    Katie M wrote:

    How did you make the rainbow cupcakes? Love those. Is that a rainbow fruit by the foot? What did you make the clouds from? Great idea!

  • Giggleberry

    Giggleberry wrote:

    I used blue food coloring for the frosting then cut down some 'Sour Rainbow Strap' candy (I bought them from online in bulk but I've since seen them in supermarkets) I just stuck them ontop of the cupcakes to look like rainbows then piped a small amount if white frosting at each end to look like clouds. Hope that helps, have fun!

  • no photo

    Cindy C wrote:

    where did you get those plastic baubles?

  • Giggleberry

    Giggleberry wrote:

    I bought these ones online from here: but I've also seen them in craft stores.

  • no photo

    Cheryl A wrote:

    Where did you get the ribbon wands from?

  • Giggleberry

    Giggleberry wrote:

    Hi Cheryl, these ones are from Ponwheels & Pearls:

  • Isabel T

    Isabel T wrote:

    awwwww look these little sweet faces! adorable!