Party Recap

This was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party designed for a special client who booked her party 8 months in advance! She had a vision and we loved being able to bring it to life!



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    Tonia L wrote:

    Hi can you tell me how you made these great looking Micky Oreo's ??? [email protected]

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    Jana M wrote:

    What is the size of the red round balloon? Thanks, Jana

  • Smr R

    Smr R wrote:

    These are adorable.. I think they used the mini snack oreos for the ears! how cute!

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    Netta P wrote:

    I love this spread. What did you use to decorate the tables? Is that a red table skirt or cloth?

  • Teacups and Trucks

    Teacups and Trucks wrote:

    Hi! It is a red piece of fabric taped to the front of the table with a black tablecloth over top of it. The white "holes" are made of felt. :)