Mermaid Mikaela Justice's Mystical Party

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Party Recap

Princess Mikaela Justice's first birthday party, was mystical experience. Colors theme was light pink, light blue, mint green, lavender and gold. Her amazing tutu dress was made by an esty vender (lovetutucouture) she looked like a princess. She was able to wear her dress the whole day. At night I added Mermaid leggings and a jacket. Tent was done with chiffon draping, tables cloths were all done in theme colors. Runners were in burlap. Centerpieces were done with bargain store materials, diy photoshoot beach pictures and glitter mermaid and #1/ONE cutouts. All decoration was diy. Desert table was full of delicious treats and candies. Favor bags where burlap and fill with exciting toys, bubbles and candies. Cake was a mermaid tail made of fondant by a home baker. Mermaid tail and octopus cake pops and mermaid theme cookies were also made by two amazing and talented small vendors. Beach mermaid collage was a diy photoshoot done that same week and printed at a local drugstore. Piñata mermaid tail was done by my neighbor as her present. Number one was made out of cardboard from a bike and bargain store tissue paper. Name "Justice" was made with glitter, mod podge, punch holes circles, gold spray paint and bargain store pearl stickers. Paper garlands where done with theme glitter and color card stock paper, fishing line and hot glue. Favors were made with a 3mm bottles, sand, blue glitter, mini shells and mermaid charms. I had a "mermom" shirt, dad a "merdad" shirt and other family members had their shirts too.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Imitation crab salad tostadas, pupusas (native Salvadoran dish) and Mexican tacos.

  • What People Drank

    Jamaica, cucumber chai lemonade, soda pops and margarita and beers for adults.

  • Desserts

    Two table dessert table: included cake pops, cupcakes, meringues, Rice Krispies, cover pretzels, cover marshmallows, fruit tarts, caramel popcorn, macaroons, pink gold fish, shark gummies, color theme crystal candy, jelly beans, gum balls and m&ms, and many other candies and treats.

  • Party Favors

    Kids: Burlap goody bags fill with toys, candies and bubbles. Adults: mini bottle with sand, glitter, shells and charm.

  • Activities / Games

    Jumper and swings. Piñata. And crafts.


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