Party Recap

Greyson had been talking about having a Pokemon birthday party since his 6th birthday. I only do parties for him on odd birthdays, so when 7 was approaching, it was time to do some Pokemon research, as my knowledge doesn’t extend beyond Pikachu. Who knew there were so many characters?!?!?
My style tends to be modern meets charming, so I took inspiration from the Pokeball – red, black, white – then tossed in pops of yellow and royal blue to go with the Pokemon font. Guests were greeted by Pokemon balloons and a “Welcome Pokemon Trainers” sign. Handmade tissue paper garland hung from the front porch. Before going to the backyard, attendees were asked to guess the number of Pokeballs in a jar. I am apparently a tad crazy, as I ended up painting almost 300 ping ping pong balls for this! Some kids guessed 1000… it certainly felt like it. The backyard was decked out with Pokeballs—hanging from the house, round dining tables covered to look like them, and a on a custom backdrop for the sweets table. Centerpieces for the kids’ tables were some of the birthday boys’ favorite characters. The bar and dessert table were dressed with handmade crepe streamer table skirts—one of my favorite design elements.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Guests could fuel up for the festivities at the Poke Stop Snack Bar that served up mini sandwiches, mini corn dogs, salad, fruit, popcorn, etc. all named after Pokemon characters.

  • What People Drank

    It was a hot day, so the bar area was busy! Lemonade and watermelon water in Pokeball adorned milk bottles kept the kids hydrated, while parents enjoyed some adult beverages.

  • Desserts

    Upon their return from the park, everyone dove into the dessert table- Pokeball chocolate covered Oreos, Pikachu push-pops, character cake pops (Gotta Catch ‘Em All!), cupcakes with custom toppers & wrappers, and cake, of course.

  • Party Favors

    A Pokemon GO! treasure hunt concluded with kids getting their favors. I made personalized favor bags using iron decal paper on muslin bags and filled them with Pokeball cookies. In addition, Pokemon fans received trading cards, while other kids got Pokemon plush backpack charms.

  • Activities / Games

    First graders are a little more challenging to entertain, so finding something to keep them busy was a task! In addition to the requisite bouncy house, kids got busy crafting their own Ash Ketchum baseball caps using felt and coloring in Pokemon character masks downloaded from the internet. They also played some games using their Pokemon abilities including a ball toss and balloon stomp (temporary tattoos were hidden in the balloons). A local entertainment company took the kids to a nearby park for Pokemon themed games, while parents got to hang out at the house and enjoy themselves.


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