Party Recap

Maya's Sweet Sixth...was everything that could be squeezed into 2.5 hours. Photo Station, Candy bouquets, Parachutes, Hoops, Obstacles, Singing, Dancing, "I Stink Book Reading", Powder Doughnuts, Baby Carrots, Chocolate Animal Crackers, Cupcakes, Noise Makers, Favor Bags, and Especially BALLOONS! There were lot's of games, physical positive activities, and just lot's of unique fun! Everyone enjoyed themselves even the parents and staff on hand. Everything went better then expected, smoothly, could not have asked for a better day!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Marble Cupcakes with Snow Glimmer Frosting! Sparkle Colors of Green, Pink, Orange and White!

  • Party Favors

    Purple Gift Bags with Coordinating Thank you stickers, 24 boxed crayola crayons, notepad, pencil sharpener, mini can of playdough, mini bubbles, and chinese yo yo (Six items for the Swee Sixth!) Also, a personalized decorated photo keepsake individual image of each child particpating at the photo station.

  • Activities / Games

    Photo Station (Booth), Candy Bouquets, Dancing, Singing, Obstacle Course, Hoops, Parachutes, Freeze Dance, Story time.

  • Budget

    Not applicable but it was less then one would make an assumption just contact me and I can tell you how I did it!

  • What People Ate

    Stars and Moon Original Fish Crackers, Baby Carrots, Powder White, Cinnamon Apple and Double Chocolate Mini Hostess Doughnuts, Chocolate Animal Crackers and Marble Cupcakes with Snow Glimmer Frosting! (Six items counting beverage & cupcakes for turning Sweet Six!)

  • What People Drank

    Indivdual Mini-Bottled Water and Hawaiian Lemonade Sparkle Punch.

  • Best Moment

    Seeing each childs smile that the event was not just about my daughter turning six but the importance and inclusion of all children. That they were all treated special!

  • Funniest Moment

    Eating Cupcakes with Extra Peaked Frosting Caps!

  • Most Touching Moment

    When my daughters friend told her thank you so much for making me happy!

  • Best Dressed

    Not applicable it was a kids party - come as yourself!

  • Candy Arrangements (Craft Activity) instead of standard pinata)

    Each Child Received 6 different Types or Kinds of Candy, a choice of water can, sparkle grass, and scented stickers to make a personalized candy arrangement to take home!

  • Photo Station (Booth)

    Each child took an individual picture infront of a colorful coordinated backsplash filled with balloons and sweet decorations and had the opportunity to return and take more. there was a bucket filled with fun goodies, mustaches, hats, flowers, hula hoops and more! Invidiaul images were printed and returned to the party and glued to personalized keepsake photo image cards decorated with coordinating ribbon and stickers!

  • Story Time "I Stink" Book

    While the children took a short break from all of the physical fun activites while eating a snack of three types of powder mini doughnuts, chocolate animal crackers, stars and moon gold fish crackers, baby carrots and mini waters/juices. One of my daughters favourite books was read and acted out!


Party Helpers

  • Balloonee Toonz


    2735 West Rawson Franklin, WI
    Friendly Professional Well Organized Large Variety Great Prices Delivery - we have been using and recommending them for the past 8 years!http://www.btoonz.com


  • Aggies Cakes and Pastries

    Cake designer

    1800 East Howard Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53207
    Friendly Professional Well Organized Large Variety Great Prices - we have been using and recommending them for the past 8 years!http://www.aggiescakes.com


  • Oak Creek Academy of Performing Arts Studio

    Venue Location

    9160 South Pennsylvania Avenue Oak Creek Wisconsin 53154
    Friendly Professional Well Organized Large Variety of Classes, Events and a pre-school! We have been attending for the past three years!http://www.oakcreekperformingarts.com



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