Party Recap

Maui wanted a batman party and wanted to go to our favourite Mix Martial Arts place. We decided it would be a superhero training event with a Batman Theme. There were 18 kids and many parents. It was a super fun time for everyone playing and watching. The kids did tons of training. obstacle courses and games and even got to go into the fighting ring for a game. The Sensei's were really fun and on-board to making it "superhero" training and I made batman masks for everyone, they were rewarded as superheros with them during snack time (pizza) to wear during their last bit of games (prior to cake). My girlfriend made the cake (for cutting with a samurai sword with one of the Sensei's) and cupcakes. After cake we had a favor buffet, with treats and toys like POW-Corn, batarangs, bats, superhero chocolate stars, candies and bat shaped rice krispie squares etc.. The kids got a black bag with a batman symbol clip to close the bag after they filled it with all the favors. A funtastic time was had by all!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake & Cupcakes by Jenn McCullough

  • Party Favors

    Favor buffet

  • Activities / Games

    Superhero training, obstacle courses, and games.

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Pizza Hut Pizza

  • What People Drank

    Joice Boxes and Water Bottles

  • Best Moment

    When the Sensei said, who is here for Superhero training and all the kids jumped up and cheered YAY!!!!

  • Funniest Moment

    The fondant cake didn't cut so well with the Samurai sword it kinda just bent but never sliced!

  • Most Touching Moment

    Maui's side shy smile as he saw his friends come in one by one...he was missing his preschool friends and he was really looking forward to seeing them! Also when Taylen came in and yelled MAUI while running up to him and giving him a HUGE hug :)

  • Best Dressed

    Maui of course :) Calder and Taylen a close second with their batman clothes!


Party Helpers

  • Jennifer McCullough

    Cake designer


  • Crusher Combat Sports

    Mixed Martial Arts & Superhero Trainer's

    They are incredible with the kids and entertain them for the entire time. Have their timing down pat even with Food, Cake, and Party Favor planned the kids had warming up, Superhero training, obstacle courses and lots of fun games and even cut the cake with a Samurai sword! Thank you Crusher Combat Sports, Maui's party VERY special!http://www.crushercombat.com/index2.htm



  • no photo

    Susan K wrote:

    This party is nuts! We're having a batman party too hopefully and I am wondering about the batman template for your goodie bags. Also I tried your link for the cake and cupcakes but couldn't find the bakers info. I live in edmonton, ab so probably can't ship that far but who knows. Anymore tips so I can attempt to create a batman party would be so awesome. Your party is totally amazing!

  • Celyne H

    Celyne H wrote:

    Hi Susan, thanks for your comments....it was a super fun party to put together. if you like I think I still have the templates for the masks and the symbols for the loot bags..if you want to leave me ur email address I could send you the documents to print.

  • Celyne H

    Celyne H wrote:

    Oh yes and the baker is a local person in Victoria, she does provide services out of town sorry.