Party Recap

Colorful fun video game party. Game Truck definitely kept kids busy which made for a fun time for all.



  • Brittany S

    Brittany S wrote:

    LOVE that skittles tree!

  • Susan H

    Susan H wrote:

    Game Truck?????? Awesome. Nothing like that here in the northeast.

  • Robin C

    Robin C wrote:

    I have to say it was pretty cool. Four huge flat screen tvs with tons of games for them to choose from and nice leather couches to sit on. Video game players heaven on wheels.

  • no photo

    Thania M wrote:

    That is adorable! Where can you get those hats? And also the moustaches? I love this! Very Creative!

  • Judi M

    Judi M wrote:

    I would love to know where you found these invites!

  • Judi M

    Judi M wrote:

    I love these to! Did you make them?

  • Robin C

    Robin C wrote:

    I made them but here's a site that makes something similar http://www.printmyparty.com/

  • Robin C

    Robin C wrote:

    I did make them. However I used felt with adhesive backing and needed to put some extra fabric glue so the white circles would stay put. Beware :) the hats and mustaches were a big hit!

  • Kristina R

    Kristina R wrote:

    Did you make the cupcake holders?

  • Diana M

    Diana M wrote:

    where did u get the cool hats...? thanks everything looks simply great!