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Mattie's Roaring 20th Birthday

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Party Recap

Once upon a weekend, I turned twenty and my boyfriend threw me a Roaring 20th Birthday. My invitations were made by my friend Jenny Gilbert of Jen & Ink (etsy). The colors were muted pinks, neutrals, and tans. We encouraged people to dress up. Instead of a guestbook, Jenny made precious post card replicas for people to sign in and give a birthday wish. Luke, my boyfriend, downloaded movies and music from the 1920's. The music was played all night and the movies were projected onto a screen next to the sign in table. We decorated the outside deck with tables and couches that my parents had just gotten rid of. The tables had pink and tan table clothes with lace fabric draped on top. We framed pictures from the 20s and had feathers and candlesticks in vases. My mother made my cake. I loved it! My friend, Emily, made the cupcakes. Our friend is a DJ and let us borrow his equipment for the night. We draped an old sheet in the back and that served as the photo booth backdrop. I collected boas, hats, headpieces, spectacles, and jewelry from thrift stores to serve as props for the photo booth. I made the mustaches. There was a best dressed contest and a Charleston dance contest. I LOVED my birthday party. It was a huge success and I’ll remember it for a lifetime. If you have any other questions or would like to see any more pictures just shoot me a comment or email!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    We had a bessed dressed contest. The award went to my friend, Meredith, who was in the bright red/orange suite with the hat on. She found her outfit at a vintage shop. Everything from head to toe was authentic. She looked great! I did love Sara's hair. She had a fingerwave! Everyone looked great.

  • Worst Dance Moves


  • First To Arrive

    Meagen Rogers!

  • Last to Leave

    My closest friends Emily, Pat, Justin, and Joey

  • Most Fun Couple

    The Smiths

  • Life of the Party


  • Best Moment

    The Charleston Contest

  • What People Ate

    We had a ton of finger foods. We also had pulled pork sandwiches, beans, chicken, etc. I'm vegan so I couldn't tell you how everything taste, but I heard it was fabulous.

  • Most Touching Moment

    I get really choked up when I read all of my post cards. Everyone was so kind.

  • Best Gift

    A floral rainjacket.

  • Funniest Moment

    When everyone started dancing after the charleston contest.

  • Best Dance Moves


  • Most Embarrassing Moment

    I guess when people sang happy birthday to me. There's a picture of me in Luke's arms after it happened. I'm 20. I didn't think people still sang happy birthday at "adult" parties. ;)

  • Best Part

    The photobooth!!! Everyone had so much fun. The pictures are my favorite.


Party Helpers

  • Jenny Gilbert of Jen & Ink.


    Jenny is so wonderful to work with! I don't know what I would have done without her. Her work is fabulous. She made the invitations and post card sign ins. She even sent me a ton of resources for inspiration for the party decor, outfits, etc.

  • Terri Babb (mom)

    Cake designer



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    Isabel R wrote:

    Awesome party! Really great ideas. love the photo booth! ^_^ thanks for sharing