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Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Hannah S By Hannah S  in Birthday


Party Recap

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is done many times over--so I wanted to take a different approach--but still add the classic decor so my son would recognize the storybook.

I took a slightly more rustic twist on the storybook theme. I handmade paper leaf garlands to set the tone, wood trunk slices to add that rustic feel, lots of chocolate desserts to smooth over the color palette and yarn ball caterpillar to add that pop. For the kids table, there were caterpillar prints outs for placemats, apple escort cards with their names written on the leaf, and lastly a set of activity cards that they were able to play with to pass the time! Regardless, I had a lot of fun, and I think my son did too :)


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake: Paris Baguette Cookies: Local Korean Market :) Chocolate Mousse: Porto's Bakery

  • Party Favors

    Green and Red Playdough to make their own Caterpillar

  • Activities / Games

    Activity Cards to featuring the storybook



  • Judiana A

    Judiana A wrote:

    Hey Hannah I love the theme and it's my sons first birthday party theme as well. I was wondering what did you use to cover the tables?

  • Hannah S

    Hannah S wrote:

    Hi Judiana! For the head table, it's just a regular table linen you can find at Target or Walmart. For the kids table, it's a roll of kraft packaging paper you can also find at Target in the packaging supplies section. Hope that helps!

  • no photo

    Sefora G wrote:

    Hi, what a gorgeous party! Best inspiration for my son's first birthday! Can you please let me know the detailed process in making the leaf garland? What tools/supplies did you use? Thank you!

  • Hannah S

    Hannah S wrote:

    Hi Sefora! I just cut out the leaves out of construction paper, then wrapped and glued the end around floral wire. Hope that helps!

  • no photo

    Sefora G wrote:

    Thank you Hannah!

  • no photo

    Macy L wrote:

    Hi,loved your twist on this adorable theme. Wanted to know where did you get those adorable placemats ?

  • Hannah S

    Hannah S wrote:

    Hi Macy! I didn't purchase, I made them :) I scanned the pages of the book, photoshopped them to how I wanted it to look and printed them~