Party Recap

My daughter Keely adores very feminine things and has a favourite top that features a Matryoshka doll on it. Using that as the inspiration, I created a party around the theme.
Highlights included cupcakes and bowls turned into Matryoshka dolls and the tablecloth turned into a Matryoshka apron.
Two empty doll houses were uniquely used as cookie stands and the most interesting feature were two large Matryoshka dolls that held cake pops and chocolate flowers. These were powder-coated flower planters that I stuck a doll onto and placed florist foam block inside.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Pass the parcel is a brilliant game - it's all about taking off layers (just like a matryoshka doll). Plastic easter egg containers can be repurposed to look like nesting dolls with treats inside on a Treasure Hunt.


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