Party Recap



  • Nicole L

    Nicole L wrote:

    TOO CUTE! Where did you get this?

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    Victoria S wrote:

    very cute are those tents?

  • Tracy S

    Tracy S wrote:

    Where did you find these cute little store fronts? To cute. Thanks

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    Kristina D wrote:

    I'm having my sons first birthday party next month and would love to make this!!! Can you send me a full length picture? Instructions? Anything would be great. I can see its a styrofoam ball and painted mailing tube

  • no photo

    Kristina D wrote:

    Hello...cute party! I'm trying to get more info in how you made the lamp post street sign. I have the materials for it but I'm just not sure how you made the base. Do you have any pictures? Thanks

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    Stephanie R wrote:

    Hi..thank you for your comment..what i used a small metal garbage pail and filled it with cement...the pail was black...

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    April S wrote:

    Can you tell me how you made the sesame street lamp post. My email address is aboykins80@yahoo.com

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    Jackln R wrote:

    How can I recreate these boxes? ( buildings)